The Power of Food. How Food Brings Everyone Together.

We want to welcome everyone to our introductory blog here on Tacos and Company. Wanting this blog not be like others we wanted to concentrate on the one thing that food is good at doing. Food is great at bringing people together. Its one of the few things that have that type of power. It has the ability end hostilities, make friends or find love.

to quote, Aaron Sanchez “Cooking as a family or with friends and loved ones brings us together because we are able to share our culture and heritage through food and give each other nourishment. Coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world.”

We want this blog to be about that. We want to it open it up to our friends and followers. We want that community spirit. So……for every post we make we would love to hear your thoughts. If we post an article about tacos, please share with us how you make yours. How does it make you happy?


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